Activities At Mucky Munchkins

Mucky Munchkins Activities

Our activities are designed for free play to enable our munchkins to explore at their own pace and enjoy the activities they are comfortable with. If your child prefers to stay at the water table for the first few sessions, that's fine - they will explore the rest when they become more comfortable in new surroundings and with different materials. On the other hand, they may want to get stuck into the slime and paint straight away!

The activities vary from week to week depending on the theme but here is always lots of variety at our sessions! Here is an idea of the messy fun available: 

* Painting

* Sand Play

* Water play

* Gloop

* Play dough

* Moon dough

* Slime

* Foam

* Different foods with role play saucepans etc

* Chalking

* Stamping

* Straw and animals

* Seeds

And loads more! 

 MAIDSTONE’s term timetable


MEDWAY’s term timetable