Laura Haylor

Poppy's favourite place to come and get mucky! Saves mummy cleaning it all up at home lol great fun! Value for money! Mummy can sit and have a cuppa and a chat amazingly run by a lovely lady who goes out of her way to make sure the kids have the best time! Me and poppy are regulars and have been going to mucky munchkins for sometime now! We even celebrated Poppy's 2nd birthday with a mucky party! Defenatley recommend over and over again! xxxx

 Rachel Cripps

Mucky munchkins has given Jordan the space to explore new things, that he would otherwise never do. He has started to get his hands dirty which is a big break through for him. :) As a mum I found that I was suddenly very alone all my friends were off out partying, so for me mucky munchkins gives me a chance to socialise and make new friends who are in the same stage in there lives. Rachel is very welcoming and makes you feel right at home. Xxx

 Laura Wright

Felicity can have fun and I can relax. She gets to explore all these fun things without me worrying 'oh no the carpet',or 'is this the right kind of paint?' Etc. Everyone is there for the kids to enjoy themselves, and I doubt I'm the only parent who finds this is the only time I get to drink a hot cup of tea rather than luke  warm!! X

 Katrina Court

I love bringing Dana as the activities are so varied. One minute she'll be 'baking a cake' of green gloop or shaving foam and the next playing on potions table and then to sand or play doh or painting. One hour whizzes by and I get a cuppa and a chat with other lovely mummies! Chloe enjoys watching all the 'big children' but is already eager to join in and I can't wait to see what activities she'll most like xxx

 Sarah O'Connell

I love coming because Isaac and Erin can have lots of messy fun without Mummy getting cross! I love watching their imagination take hold as they play with the gloop or the potions, I have been turned into a bear, a lion and even a caterpillar with the concoctions Isaac has come up with! Its also helped Isaac with his fear of getting dirty, as proved by the amount of paint on his tshirt last week! Erin loves the water play and the animals hiding in the seeds and its amazing watching her interactions change with all the sensory experiences as she gets older.xx

 Keli Wade

Eric loves munchkins because he can stand back and watch or get stuck in as its so relaxed. He can run up and down the corridors or go nuts with paint without structure dictating what activity he 'should' be taking part in or what he 'should' be doing with whatever he is playing with. Plus, he loves Rachel (a lot) and has made new friends. Oh and Mummy gets a cup of tea, a chat and a break for at least 5 minutes too! X

 Keely Marie Batt

Rowan loves coming to mucky munchkin, he can explore new creative things made my Rachel with all her amazing creations! Rowan is a little artist, Had so much fun having rowans 2nd birthday there , All mummy's love having a natter and a cuppa watching the kids have so much fun ,I would definitely recommend it xxx

 Claire Jones

Seth loves going to Mucky Munchkins each week i love seeing him so happy and enjoying himself. Everyone is very friendly and the lady who runs it is so lovely. I would highly recommend Mucky Munchkins